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Human beings have long been in communion with nature long before the first cities were built. But living in a convenient modern world with 24/7 internet connectivity came at the cost of losing our connection with nature. As a result, there is an epidemic of stress build-up and toxicity that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Hence, what better way to deal with all these pent-up stress than by having a luxury vacation in Phuket and to detoxify yourself there. Indeed, what kind of vacation would you have in Phuket if you only came here to check your emails and browse your newsfeed? Let your air conditioner give way to the fresh breeze of Phuket, and your smartphone games give way to beachside sports and swimming. Simply stimulate yourself with the natural ambiance found here.

How to do digital detox vacation

For most people, the prospect of parting with their gadgets even for a single second may seem unthinkable and frightening, even when they’re on vacation. It’s as if their devices and the internet were like addictive substances that will result in withdrawal syndromes if they let go of these objects. You don’t need to undergo medication to cure yourself of this unhealthy attachment, which is why you need to go to Phuket. Here are the necessary steps for a cleansing vacation free of gadgets.

1) Leave your devices at home

Digital detoxification starts with mastering the will to leave your laptops, tablets, and smartphones at home. You only need an ordinary cell phone (not a smartphone) that you can use for emergencies.

2) Bring a book with you

Instead of gadgets, what you need to bring with you is a good book. The last time you probably held a paperback was in high school when your teacher required you to make a book report. Bring a book with you to pass your beachside time in Phuket, or buy one if you don’t have any books. You can try reading Margaret Landon’s “Anna and the King of Siam” or Arundhati Roy’s “The God of Small Things.” Nothing else can be more relaxing than having no UV radiation from your screens, and just having pure ink and paper in front of you, and the touch of the sea breeze on your skin.

3) Talk with the locals and make friends with other tourists

An authentic face-to-face talk beats emails and chat boxes when it comes to making a connection with your fellow human beings. In Phuket, there are many friendly locals you can talk to, from the tuk-tuk driver to your tour guide. You can listen to their stories, such as what made them end up working there. Phuket also has many tourists from your own country and even from other countries. Broaden your horizons and connections in a way that social media can’t by making friends with them.

4) Play sports and traditional games

One way you can make friends with locals and fellow tourists in Phuket is to play sports with them. Beachside volleyball, frisbee, and even chess are some of your sports options. There are even drinking games you can try. There are also traditional games such as Dern Ka La, a form of stilt walking race which uses coconut husks tied on your feet as stilts.

5) Swim and stroll around

Phuket is not Phuket without its tantalizing beaches. Take a dip or dive in its azure waters. Feel nature’s grit as you squeeze the fine sand in your palms. After watching the sunset, walk around the coast and let the breeze fill up your lungs. Live in the moment without thinking of anything else.

6) Spend time with friends and family

If you came to Phuket with friends or family, don’t waste your vacation staring at your screens. You can prepare meals, play games, and even swim together. Take this opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

When should you go to have a digital detox vacation in Phuket

Are you burned out from work? Too little social and family life? Or perhaps you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of gadgets? These are all reasons to have a digital detox vacation in Phuket. Improve your productivity, health, and relationships by going to this peaceful island paradise in the tropics, without your gadgets, of course.

If you’re planning a non digital trip to Phuket, you can’t go without a private villa, as it is sure to be the best option for accommodation for a digital detox. Sunsuri Phuket has some of the best options for private villas in Phuket, so feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help!