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Nai Harn Beach is one of Phuket’s popular destinations. This white, sandy beach is located near the tip of southern Phuket, and to the west of Promthep Cape, overlooking the Andaman Sea. Although Nai Harn Beach is very popular among the locals, most tourists are still sleeping on its beauty. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about this gorgeous beach located on the southern coast of Phuket.

Nai Harn BeachNai Harn Beach is surrounded by hillside on both sides. Under the shallow waters, you can walk on the soft sand that will make you feel as if you’re walking on clouds. With its pure sand, clear water, and lack of rocks on the bay, Nai Harn Beach is excellent for swimming. Between November and April, in particular, the sea is at its prime for swimming. However, the sea can be tricky during the low season as there may be strong rip currents that are dangerous for swimmers. For this reason, lifeguards are always present on Nai Harn Beach to make ensure everyone’s safety. Other safety measures include the use of red and yellow flags. At times, red flags are put up around the area of the beach to indicate that the undercurrent is too strong and that swimming is prohibited. Conversely, yellow flags with a stripe mean that it is a safe zone.

Nai Harn TempleApart from its magnificent beach, you can also make a visit to Nai Harn Temple when you are in the area as well. The temple is only about 500 meters from the beach. There, you will find a prayer hall where monks do their daily praying every evening and a massive Buddha statue inside the temple, with beautiful paintings placed along the walls to illustrate the life of Buddha. If you happen to visit Nai Harn Temple, make sure that you are being respectful of the place, which means that you should avoid wearing revealing outfits or speak loudly inside the temple.

Nai Harn LakeLocated right next to Nai Harn Temple, Nai Harn Lake is also another place that you must visit if you are in the area. Nai Harn Lake is commonly known to the locals as a jogging place. As there are many Muay Thai gyms near the area, you will see runners jogging around the lake all day long. Moreover, you will notice a tiny island on the lake that you can get to from an entrance close to the beach. Although there is nothing on the island, it is an excellent spot to take in the beauty of the lake.

Nai Harn Lake is also where the action is during Loi Kra Thong, one of Thailand’s most celebrated festivals. If you are there during Loi Kra Thong, then it is your chance to participate in the celebration and put a floating candlelit flower on the lake. At night, all the floating flowers will light up the lake, bringing the lake to life. Without question, this is a sight that you won’t get to see elsewhere. If you go further south toward the end of the lake, you will find some street stalls during the day. You can get a taste of some delicious local foods there, including coconuts, fresh smoothies, corn on the cob, and chicken on a stick. There is also a workout area nearby as well. There, you will find several body resistance machines, in which you can use to get your daily workout done, for free. In Nai Harn, you can actually do a full-body workout. Start off with a jog around the lake, then move on to use the machines, and finish with a swim in the ocean!

Sunsuri Phuket is a beach resort at Nai Harn Beach in Phuket. Get in touch today to book your stay.