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Whether you are looking for a honeymoon destination or a place to spice things up with your loved one, Phuket is a travel destination that will not disappoint. If you think that going to Phuket is just like going on any other trip to any other beach, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Spending time with your partner on the beach with the sun beaming through the clear sky can turn a typical trip into a full romantic getaway for your couple. To enhance your passion and grow the love you have towards each other, here is how to have the best romantic trip in Phuket:

Personalize small thingsAlthough there are some romantic tour packages in Phuket for couples, there’s no doubt that you can make a trip feel more intimate by arranging everything by yourself. Surprising your partner with a bottle of champagne in a bucket and rose petals on the hotel bed is nothing too impressive nowadays. You can do better than that!

Fortunately, if you choose a good hotel, you’ll have help. Most Phuket hotels allow you to make small changes in the hotel or the restaurant to impress your loved one. Ask if you can switch out the champagne for a bottle of your partner’s favorite drink instead. You can also request to have your wedding song played at the restaurant to reminisce about the sweet day that the two of you shared. These things do not require a lot of effort to do so, but your partner will appreciate and remember them.

Switch off your phonesThis is a romantic getaway, not a business trip. You shouldn’t be checking your emails or receiving work phone calls. At this time, nobody is more important than the person who is right in front of you. Stop looking at your phone screen and start looking into your partner’s eyes. Avoid wasting precious seconds scrolling through Facebook and choose to spend them creating memories with your other half. Digital devices are great, but don’t let them interfere with your love life. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment!

Plan surprisesMost couples end up separating because they do not experience new things together. In a long-term relationship, everything eventually seems rather routine, and the relationship becomes mundane and boring. If you want things to work out, planning small surprises here and there will spice up your love life. Going on a trip to Phuket gives you an opportunity to impress your partner. You don’t need to set up a massive party or arrange a firework show for them. A healthy relationship consists of many small things along the journey. Consider taking your partner out to a dinner by the beach or going on a boat trip to admire the sunset together. Anything that is out of your routine will strengthen your bond.

Experience new activities Going to Phuket for a romantic holiday allows you to try new things with your partner and create remarkable memories that you can keep for a lifetime. Numerous activities are waiting for you two to experiment with together. You can enroll in a Thai cooking class, ride an ATV, snorkel in the sea, or kayak near the islands. The options are endless!

Sunsuri Phuket is a luxury hotel based in Rawai Beach. Get in touch today to book your stay.