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Before the big day arrives, the soon-to-be-married couple still has another significant event to look forward to their bachelor and bachelorette parties! As you prepare to change your marital status, it is time to celebrate this huge step in life. Spending the night somewhere in your hometown can be too dull. This is why we recommend you to go crazy at a party capital like Phuket.

Why Phuket? Well, it’s simple. Although it is known for its gorgeous sea and breathtaking landscape, it is also famous for having some of the wildest nightlife spots in the south of Thailand. You won’t have to worry about not having a blast. The only thing to worry about is not wanting to go back home! Ready to start planning? Here are a few ideas of things that you can do during your bachelor or bachelorette party in Phuket:

Party at nightclubs

If your goal is to get absolutely hammered, Phuket is just the place. The best area in which to party in Phuket is Patong. As soon as the sun goes down, the city will be lit up with the lights of bars and nightclubs all over the area. When you party here, don’t just settle with stopping in one place. The entire street is lined with bars and clubs! Start by getting some cheap drinks at one place then continue the party by dancing the night away at another. By club-hopping, you will get to experience many types of nightlife establishments in Patong. The nightlife here will not disappoint!

Chill at beach clubs

When you have a hangover, the last thing you want to do is listening to throbbing music and drink alcohol. You may be on a trip of celebrating your single life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a day relaxing. You wouldn’t be making the most of your trip if you just partied nonstop for several days in a row. If you want to unwind, visiting the beach clubs in Phuket is a great option. Most of them have easy-listening music playing in the background. Even if they don’t, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore will be the perfect soundtrack to relax to. Spend a day basking in the sun with your friends talking about life and reminiscing on the memories you shared. If you want to experience superb cuisine and cocktails, check out the beach clubs in Bangtao Beach. Some of them even have delivery services that go right to your sun lounger!

Go white-water rafting

During a stag or hen party, you can’t have any fear. You need to have the guts to experiment with anything put in front of you. That includes water sports! If you’re looking to try a water sport, you may want to consider white-water rafting. The best place for this adventurous activity is Phang Nga. It is not too far from Phuket as it is just a two-hour drive away. You will get to explore the wilderness and the jungle-covered mountains around the area. Get ready to scream at the top of your lungs while speeding down the river’s intense rapids.

Hop from island to island

Phuket has many different islands around the province. This is an excellent opportunity to have fun with your friends on these islands. Instead of going to just one, book a boat tour to take you to a handful of islands in one day. Your boat driver can also take you to the best spots to snorkel, dive, or just swim in the turquoise sea.

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