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If you’re planning beach honeymoon, you might be so swept off your feet about the wedding, that you didn’t think about what to pack! Also, if you’ve never been to Thailand, you might not realize what you need to bring with you for the weather and culture there.

You will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime, and you want to be thoroughly prepared! Let us help you write your packing list for your romantic getaway to Phuket, Thailand!


When it comes to clothing, you must consider the hot, humid climate in Thailand when you are packing. You will want to bring lightweight, loose clothing so that you can stay cool in the heat. Phuket nights can be a little chilly, so do bring a lightweight blazer if you want. You should not bring anything too heavy since there will not be any nights cold enough for a winter coat while in Thailand. Sure, it can get chilly in December, but we are talking about a comfortable 15 degrees Celcius. In terms of pants, you should bring your lightest weight pants you can find. Try to stick to breezier materials that allow air circulation so that you can still feel that ocean breeze. Of course, you do not want to forget your bathing suits for the pools and beaches you will be going to. Bring a lot of shorts so that you can stay cool. You can also bring sundresses or any other dress that will keep you covered up from the sun while still allowing your body to breathe.


You should bring enough underwear for your whole trip and if you’d like some sexy lingerie for the honeymoon mood. Be sure to bring any undershirts you might need for any shirts that are a little sheerer or maybe some tank tops for the hotter days.


Don’t forget to bring yourself some shoes that are easy to slip on that will allow your feet to breathe, too. Sandals are high and comfortable. Just bring the kind of shoes you would wear to the beach; we recommend a good pair of sandals. You might also be able to buy shoes you like while you are on your honeymoon vacation.

Other Accessories

If you are considering whether or not you should bring jewelry, then that is entirely up to you but try your best only to bring what is entirely essential. You might even find some jewelry you like while shopping, which will only weigh your bag down even more as you venture back to your home town. What accessories you bring are completely up to you, but you should definitely consider what you truly need rather than just bringing a bunch of stuff that will match specific outfits. If you want to bring a watch, you might want to bring a selection, but we recommend just bringing two of the ones you use a lot. You might not want to bring your favorite, most expensive one since you will be going on many adventures together. Sunsuri Phuket is a luxury hotel based in Rawai Beach, get in touch today to book your stay.