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Our Guide to Exploring Phuket and Paradise Beach

Home to colorful neighborhoods and mouth-watering, ramped-up food culture, Phuket, Thailand strikes a balance between ancient Thai traditions to modern adventures. For that reason, Phuket is a hub of various attractions – from an evergreen rainforest canopy to the glitz and glamour of the cabaret stage.

Additionally, you can pick between the vibrant nightlife to the serene religious treasures around the island.

There’s something to do, places to see, and exotic dishes to eat in Phuket, so rest assured that there’s one for every kind of tourist and locals alike. It’s a spoiled choice between city tours and sightseeing, unwinding at untouched beaches, immersing yourself in cultural programs, and indulging in thrilling activities.

With such extensive choices, we’re here to make your search easier as we give you a map to the tropical island’s must-see hot spots.

Tip #1: Track the Shorelines of Paradise Beach

If you’re looking to unplug from the city with friends and friends, taking a dip at the clear waters of Paradise Beach will help you start your summer with a bang. It’s a beach bum’s paradise as it is perfect for unwinding and experiencing a quiet, tropical paradise.

Meanwhile, vacationers that want to inject some fun under the sun can go snorkelling and marvel at the thriving, coral reef that is 100-meters into the sea. While it has serene spots for some downtime, the vibrant nightlife offers weekly moon parties with surrounding DJ’s bars, and fire shows to complete the experience.

What’s the Catch

While Paradise Beach offers secluded areas where people can unwind and keep away from the crowds, most of the beach area is crowded with tourists and locals due to its recent boom in popularity. In addition to coconut groves, there are also beach chairs that cover the entire stretch of the coastline.

Keep in mind that the shallow, pristine waters have sharp rocks in particular spots, so be sure to bring some beach shoes to keep your feet safe from the rocks.

Tip #2: Go Fishing in Phuket

Just like many cities and islands in Thailand, there’s always pristine water bordering the glittering streets like Phuket. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to know that Phuket boasts various fishing spots that make for a peaceful past-time for families and friends. If you the promise of tasting freshly-caught seafood is not enough to reel you in, maybe the scenic backdrop of Phuket’s serene waters is enough of a hook.

Tip #3: Visit the Big Buddha

One of the top pit-stop in your itinerary should involve visiting the Big Buddha. Beyond its massive, golden beauty, the statue is well-loved by locals and tourists alike as it is an ideal site to visit for families, whether it’s to bond or pray for healthier and stronger wellbeing of their children.

In Conclusion

If you’re in search of adventure and want to make the most of your getaway, Phuket has a wealth of sights, food, and adventures to explore. The fun is on a whole different lane as it takes you on a ride of a lifetime, one that families and friends can enjoy.

If you’re are looking for a luxury hotel in Phuket, get in touch with us to see how we can help!