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Our Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your Private Villa Vacation in Phuket

Celebrate big and small moments by taking the leap in booking your next family vacation. Once you have access to your dream location, you will have a fun and relaxing time ahead of you. If privacy is a priority for you and your family, book a private villa to make all your moments worthwhile. It will give you plenty of space to treat as your own home during your time away from your busy life. You’ll be having fun without worrying about other factors—no neighbors, no traffic. Your private villa will be a place for you to play games and avoid unwanted noise. It’s a place where you can make your own rules.


Are you excited yet? If you want to make sure you get the most out of your private villa vacation, we’ve listed below some important details to take note of before jetting off to your dream vacay.


1. Choose a villa with a great view.

Your private villa vacation won’t be complete without the view of the sun peeking in at dawn while you leisurely sip your tea or coffee. You will want to enjoy the sunset as you lounge with your family in the afternoon with a refreshment in hand. Make the most of your villa experience by securing a beautiful view of nature for you and your family.


2. Assign gadget-free zones in the villa.

A gadget-free vacation sounds ideal. However, we can’t deny the fact that we need our gadgets for other functions. We use gadgets to take notes, photos, and even read a book. It, therefore, seems impossible to take away our gadget. So, why not assign a gadget-free zone instead of totally ruling out the devices? By declaring certain rooms in the private villa as a gadget-free zone, you can minimize the use of technology while still able to make the most of it.


3. Conduct a set of indoor activities.

Who will care about gadgets if you hold fun and exciting indoor activities? By conducting activities, such as games and cooking competitions, you will keep each of the family busy. Try indoor games with a twist, such as Pictionary with a beach theme or a ‘follow the leader’ by doing a dance craze. You can also mix an outdoor obstacle race by holding the culmination part inside the villa.


4. Make the most out of the resort’s facilities.

Make the time to explore the different facilities of the hotel, such as the swimming pool or the gaming room. You can also watch live entertainment, such as dancing or singing performances. You can go from one facility to the other together as a family or individually. During your stay, don’t forget to hit the gym or the yoga room to maintain your stamina through the remaining days of vacation.



You can have a luxurious time in your private villa vacation by creating a space you can call your home. Any place you can spend with your family makes your home complete. Take the time to make new and exciting memories with your loved ones. Make your plans as grand as your dreams, and don’t be afraid to make them happen. You will soon find yourself having the best time of your life where your family becomes closer than ever.

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