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Sunsuri Phuket Experience


Perhaps you’ve seen quite a few people heading to Phuket for a holiday or a wedding. This island is a paradise for anybody who wants to chill and have fun. That being said, Phuket is an amazing place for a bachelor party! You may spend the whole trip relaxing on the beach, but you should have at least one wild night to complete your experience. Since you are in Phuket, nothing can stop you and your friends from having fun. This is the time you can have a memorable night with your friends. There is no need to buy party supplies since Phuket has everything you could possibly need. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve got your back! Here are some ways that you can have an unforgettable night:

Party on a yacht
A regular club isn’t anything special for a bachelor party. There is nothing memorable about that. When you are in Phuket, you should try something new. If clubbing on a boat sounds exciting to you, go to the Hype Boat Club! Spending your stag night in style is not something that everyone gets to experience. Their iconic black main sails are easy to spot on Surin Beach.

Put on your swimsuits and get ready to party in the middle of the Andaman sea. Whether or not you can swim, there is no need to worry about drowning. After all, these boats were made for partying!

They’ve got a maximum capacity of 85 people — plenty of room to get wild! We guarantee that this is a once in a lifetime experience that you might not get anywhere else. Drinks and food are available on the boat. Nothing can beat partying on a boat while appreciating the view of the stunning coastline.

Party at the beach clubs
If drinking in the middle of the sea is too much for you, you can stay on the shore. Phuket has quite a variety of beach clubs that allow you to just dance the night away. Most of them offer a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Whether you want to get some cocktails or whiskey on the rocks, they have it all!

We suggest you go to the beachside clubs. You can still admire the sea while taking a dip in the club’s swimming pool. Most of these beach clubs have chill music playing in the background during the day. When night falls, some clubs invite DJs to set the mood with live electronic music. If you love to dance, wait for the sick beats then get on the dancefloor to get the party pumping!

Party on the road
If you are one of those people who like to keep their parties private, going to a club might not be a good idea. Instead of being shoved around on the dance floor, consider getting a party bus just for your group. Take your stag night on the road and get crazy. Don’t worry about being too cramped, as you can fit up to 30 people on a party bus. You and your friends will be sitting on massive leather sofas with disco lights hanging from the ceiling. The sound system will not disappoint you as you will get music from all directions. The starting price is at 17,500 baht for one night.

If you’re planning a non digital trip to Phuket, you can’t go without a private villa, as it is sure to be the best option for accommodation for a digital detox. Sunsuri Phuket has some of the best options for private villas in Phuket, so feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help!