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The moment that you finally get to say your vows and exchange wedding rings with your loved one is a magical moment for many people – the beginning of a happily ever after. Some couples prefer to get married in a church, as per tradition. Today, however, more and more people are choosing to eschew tradition and opt to get married in places that mean a lot to them instead. For those who love nature, that means the outdoors.

Arranging a wedding indoors is difficult enough. Planning your event outdoors is even more complicated. Nevertheless, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t let the challenges of planning an outdoor wedding prevent you from living out your dream! One of the most magical destinations to hold an outdoor wedding is the province of Phuket. That being said, there may be some issues that you encounter during the planning process. Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are a few tips to help you arrange the perfect beach wedding:

Make sure you have a backup venue

It is recommended that you have more than one option for your wedding venue. You will have to look around to check various places before you find the one that suits your event the most. No one wants to encounter any problems regarding the venue on their special day. Remember that places that offer incredibly low prices always have something hidden underneath the surface. It can be difficult to find a wedding venue that checks every single box. You might have to pay a little more for a stunning view and extra event space. Although you may have only found one place that meets your every want and need, it is still best to have a back-up venue. In the unfortunate case that something goes wrong with plan A, you will always have plan B to save your big day.

Sort out the transportation

A Phuket beach wedding can be rather tricky when it comes to transportation. If you are not a Phuket local, it is crucial to figure out how to bring your guests to your wedding. Most hotels offer airport shuttles for their guests. If you plan to have your wedding by the hotel that everyone will be staying at, transportation will be easier as the hotel will probably be able to handle everything for you. If your venue is further from the place of accommodation, however, it is your duty to book shuttles or buses for the guests. Don’t let them figure out how to arrive on their own. They’ve travelled far to celebrate you, after all.

Establish a suitable dress code

Seeing as your big event is going to held outdoors on a tropical beach, you need to think realistically about what you are going to wear. It’s not practical to have the groom donned in a black tuxedo and the bride dressed in a bridal gown with a train that never ends. Phuket weather is typically sunny, humid, and windy. It’s best to keep your wedding attire simple and casual. You should ask your guests to dress similarly as well. Another thing to remember is you should choose fabrics suitable for the climate. On a Phuket beach, that means you should wear clothing that is light and breathable.

Hire a professional photographer

Everybody wants to capture the special moments of their wedding in pictures. When you hold the event outdoors, you might want to get a professional photographer to help you. Since the sun will be your primary source of lighting, photography skills are crucial if you want amazing photos. Professionals know the tips and tricks for taking photos with natural light without leaving shadows on your face. This can be quite a challenge for an amateur photographer. You are only going to have one wedding. If the photographer messes up, you will never get those moments back.

Check the sound system

Imagine yourself standing on the beach. What do you see? More importantly, what do you hear? The beach is filled with sounds, be it from the sound of waves crashing on the shore, birds flying along the beach, or a strong breeze whispering in your ears. Through all the noise, the guests might not be able to hear you and your partner exchanging vows. This is why it’s crucial for you to double check whether the sound system is adequate for your event. You want everyone to be immersed in every moment!

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