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8 Reasons to Spend your Winter on a Beach in Phuket

Once winter comes around, many people find themselves sitting at home, wishing the snow and the cold would go away so that they can enjoy the outdoors once again.

There’s no doubt that wintertime can be gloomy, but why stay home with a frown on your face when you could be enjoying the beautiful sun by the beach? That’s right—we’re talking about running away from the cold and beelining for Thailand’s warm and balmy weather!

A beach vacation is a nice thought, but don’t let it be merely a daydream. If you need some convincing, we’ve put together eight reasons you need a beach vacation:

1. It’s a reason to maintain your summer body

Remember January 1, when you made a resolution to lose some weight and fit into that bikini you’ve been wanting to wear? It’s about time to make sure that resolution is met. Rather than staying home sipping hot cocoa all winter, why not plan a beach vacation? Doing so will give you the proper motivation to maintain that summer body all year round!

2. It’s a chance to show off your legs

Many of us see winter as an opportunity to stop shaving and go au naturel. Instead of letting your legs hibernate under sweatpants for a few months, however, why not visit Phuket and show them off?

3. It will help you avoid rickets

Rickets is a skeletal condition brought on by the lack of Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate. Want to avoid this disorder? Get some sunshine! A lack of sunshine does not only impact your mood but will hurt your body. Book yourself a room at a beachside resort to get your fill of the sun!

4. It’s an opportunity to work on your tan

Why use spray tans to maintain your color during winter when you could get out there and enjoy the calm breeze, fresh air, and the warm sun? It’s time to get that natural tan you’ve always wanted!

5. It’s the perfect excuse for a pedicure

Like your legs, chances are that your toenails go neglected during the winter. If you need a reason to get a pedicure, let it be a trip to the beach!

6. It’s a chance to have a drink

Are you sick of hot drinks yet? If so, perhaps it’s time to make your way to the sea so that you can enjoy your favorite refreshing drink as you bask in the beautiful sun. Whether you choose fresh coconut water or a Long Island Iced Tea, everything iced tastes good by the beach!

7. It will give you time to read

Sure, you could read at home while you’re huddled under the covers trying to stay warm, but it will get old after a while. Why not change up your environment by reading as you recline on a beach lounger? Grab a romantic novel or that nonfiction you’ve been meaning to read as you make your way to your destination!

8. It will keep you warm and toasty

Some people love cozying up by the fireplace and enjoying some eggnog as they watch the flames dance. Others, however, can’t wait for the sun to come back again. Why risk frostbite when you could soak up some sun on the beach of a tropical country? If you’re a fan of staying warm and toasty, the best time for you to jet on a beach vacation is when the weather back home is not so delightful.

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