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6 Benefits That Only a Beach Can Give

A trip to the beach has always been one of the top travel options. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the beauty of the fine white sand, the unlimited waves, and the captivating sunset? It’s the perfect way to leave all your stress behind and savor what nature has to offer. However, aside from the wonders that you can witness at every angle, beach time gives the following benefits:

It helps fight infections with seawater

Saltwater has iodine that can fight fungal or bacterial infections and is used as an antiseptic during surgeries. If your open wound feels painful after submerging, it means that the seawater is cleansing the dirt away. Saltwater also improves the capabilities of the thyroid gland.

It can help restore hair growth

The iodine in seawater helps to regulate hormone levels to boost the chances of growing your nails and hair. Iodine also improves your metabolism and energy and can eliminate the symptoms of fibrocystic disease. Instead of taking supplements, go for a swim at the beach to receive as much iodine as you want.

It helps you to sleep soundly at night

The beach atmosphere takes you to a state of relaxation that can deal with anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and physical fatigue. In effect, staying at the beach helps you get better sleep, especially at night. The lower stress levels plus exposure from the sun provides a natural remedy for insomnia.

It offers a dose of Vitamin D

Sun exposure provides up to 90 percent of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D, which is better than drinking milk. Sunlight interacts with a compound related to cholesterol to come up with Vitamin D. However, the amount of vitamin received depends on the UVB levels that you absorb.

Doctors prescribe sun exposure of up to 15 minutes daily to get sufficient Vitamin D. Meanwhile, sunscreen blocks the UVB rays from penetrating to your skin. Use it in moderation because excessive usage can lead to skin cancer. Also, find an ideal spot on the beach where you can conduct your sunbathing because overexposure from late morning to early afternoon sun can badly burn your skin.

It is your skin’s best buddy

Covering your body with beach sand has many positive effects on the skin. Aside from being a wonderful exfoliant for the skin, it can remove dead skin cells, giving you a smoother skin. Sunlight also opens your skin pores to let saltwater wash away the dirt and fungi that cause acne breakouts.

It reduces pain and inflammation

Bath salts from dead sea minerals diminish morning stiffness and hand gripping difficulties. A healthy dose of Vitamin D can also relieve arthritis. Those who are recovering from surgery can try water aerobics at sea because of saltwater’s high resistance to movement. The ocean water can also reduce a person’s weight by up to 90 percent while submerged.

After a day at the beach, it feels great to relax inside a cozy room or get a rejuvenating massage from a spa. Perhaps you fancy a sumptuous meal with your companion after rinsing your body at the shower. Regardless of what you seek, it feels great to stay at a hotel in Phuket that values your comfort.

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