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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wedding Hotel in Phuket

There are plenty of hotels in Phuket Island, rated from three stars up to five. If you’re looking for a wedding hotel to hold your ceremony, how can you be sure that you’ve picked the right one? Here are five tips to help you choose the right hotel that will cater to your every need:

1. Location

You might be looking for hotels near the airport or ones located along the beach. Don’t limit yourself to those locations, as there are plenty of other places that might fit your needs better.

Four different regions surround Phuket, three are hardly ever visited by tourists. With that said, the western section of Phuket is where you’d want to be.

If you’re you insist on staying near the airport, Bang Thao Beach may be what you are looking for. If you don’t mind being farther away, then Kata Beach is an excellent choice. Although all beaches have beautiful white sands, Bang Thao Beach is much livelier during the day and night, while Kata Beach is quite the opposite—peaceful and relaxing.

2. Wedding and Romance

Weddings are typically held on the Island of Phuket. Any going-to-be-wedded couples can book a wedding hotel complete with all the accessories and facilities built for such a ceremony.

If you’re looking to spend intimate time with the love of your life, look up five-star hotels for their luxurious dining experience along with secluded spas to spend precious moments together. For your guests, many hotels are available featuring two to four bedrooms that will suit their needs. It will be a memorable trip not only for you but for your guests too.

3. Family Guests

To make sure your family, along with your spouse’s, has an enjoyable experience, book a kid-friendly hotel. While the kids are being taken care of, the adults can have a more comfortable time. These select hotels often host supervised activities and have unique accommodations to satisfy the youngsters.

By selecting a kid-friendly hotel, the kids can enjoy playing their games while the parents can head out to spend quality time.

4. Discuss

A wedding doesn’t rest on your shoulders only. You and your partner should discuss together the significant decisions to be made when choosing a wedding hotel in Phuket. Take the time to sit down and visit different websites and come up with a list of at least three exciting venues, then weigh the options together. Before you make the final decision, ask for cost estimates from the hotels to make sure you don’t end up choosing the one you cannot afford.

5. Budget

Hosting a wedding in Phuket will become pricey not only because of the venue but for other expenses like tickets and accommodation. Talk with the hotel of your choice and ask for cost estimates to help you in your final decision. If the final price is too near your budget, ask your hotel for some adjustments to be made to help push the price a little lower.

Phuket is undeniably a good place for a destination wedding, and the success lies in how well you plan your wedding. Consider the tips above to help you create the smoothest Phuket wedding experience possible for you.

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