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5 Reasons to Renew Your Vows by the Beach in Phuket

When a beach wedding in Phuket comes to mind, many people think of tying the knot for the first time on the sand, all decked out in white. However, did you know that a beach set up can also be perfect for the renewal of vows? Although it’s a fantastic place for a wedding, the beach has certain wonderful features that make it ideal for other romantic occasions. There are elements of simplicity, intimacy, and relative informality suited for a vow renewal as compared to a wedding ceremony.

If you need further persuasion on why you should have your vow renewals at Phuket’s perfect beaches, here are five reasons to do so:

1. Small-scale and intimate

A vow renewal is usually smaller in scope and has a more intimate group of attendees. Having such an occasion in a hall or church maybe a little overboard. It’s best to have only some of your immediate family and closest friends join in for a more memorable experience. Holding it on a Phuket beach will be your best option for a modest affair and a practical approach to the vow renewal.

2. No gift expectations

The vow renewal should have no gift expectations. This is because many of your guests may be traveling from afar to Phuket to attend the ceremony, which would already be quite costly. It will be more practical for you to request their presence instead of asking for any gifts.

3. Relatively informal occasion

Vow-renewal on a beach in Phuket can be relatively informal. You won’t have to wear a three-piece suit or an over-the-top wedding dress in the tropical climate of Phuket. Renewing your vows is a much more informal event with a casual dress code. Having your few closest guests dress up casually will allow them to have some fun right after the ceremony.

4. Choice of officiants

A vow renewal doesn’t necessarily have to be legally binding unless you’re willing to go through quite much bureaucracy. A vow renewal ceremony is less formal, so you can have anyone perform the officiating. That said, you can even avail of some Phuket wedding packages that include an officiant. You can even get a group of Buddhist monks to give your union a blessing for a change! There are many options for you to choose from—it’s all based on what you desire for the occasion.

5. Organized vow-renewal set-up

Finally, the set-up of your vow renewal on Phuket beach can be more streamlined. Though you’ll have to consider a few things that are similar to a wedding, there are Phuket beach packages that are specifically catered for vow-renewals. They’ll consider essential things such as catering, venue, entertainment, and more. You can take advantage of this for a more organized occasion.

Reaffirming your marriage through a vow renewal ceremony is a way to rekindle the marriage and a commitment to hold on to the love and devotion shared through time. From the reasons mentioned above, you will definitely want to have the renewal of vows on a beach in Phuket.

Sunsuri Phuket is a romantic wedding venue in Phuket, we have the perfect place for you to renew your vows. Feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help!