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3 Must-Experience Activities in the Rawai District for Family Trips

With 10 breathtakingly-beautiful beaches, 13 neighboring islands that are easily accessible by speedboat and free to explore, and a lower tourist count that makes for a peaceful trip, the Rawai district is often referred to as Phuket’s hidden treasure.

While it may not necessarily be famous as its neighboring islands, the Rawai District provides some of the most unique experiences that travelers all over the world can partake in and recall for decades. Out of all the types of tourists that can possibly enjoy the adventures that await in the Rawai district, families have been shown to enjoy trips in the quaint little area the most.

If you’ve been meaning to bring all your loved ones together for the trip of a lifetime in one of Phuket’s most standout destinations, then here are three must-experience activities in the Rawai District to add in your itinerary:

1.Learn about the local culture by visiting the Big Buddha Monument

Located about half an hour or less away from Rawai Beach, the Big Buddha Monument and is a must-include place in the itinerary of any family that yearns to learn more about the culture of the destination they’re visiting.

Commonly regarded as one of Phuket’s most iconic sights, the Big Buddha is an absolute sight to behold at a staggering 45 meters tall, making it a true testament to the power and influence of both faith enlightenment. Although it may take a bit of a hike to reach, the Big Buddha Monument is well worth the effort in all its calm yet empowering glory as it sits atop a mountain that offers serene views and a unique sense of fulfillment.

Once you’re done soaking in all the amazing panoramic views of Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, Karon Beach, and Kata Beach, you can get in touch with your spiritual side by offering a silent prayer at the temple before heading back down.

2.Visit the Nai Harn Beach

If you’ve come to Rawai in search of all sorts of fun under the sun and on the beach, then there’s no denying that Nai Harn Beach should be on your itinerary. Situated along a saltwater lake that rises and falls with the tides, Nai Harn beach offers a much safer and more controlled space for relaxation by the beach for any traveler.

For instance, if you’re an adrenaline junkie who seeks to explore the waters of foreign countries in the most unforgettable way possible, then you can try various types of watersports at Nai Harn Beach! On the other hand, if you’re in search of a relaxation spot to meditate, sunbathe, and give your mind a much-needed rest from the stress of living back home, the set your towel or mat on Nai Harn Beach’s soft and pristine white sand!

3.Go on an island-hopping adventure from Rawai district

As soon as you’ve checked in your baggage, the most logical step to take is to ask your hotel concierge to help book a fantastic island hopping tour that’s one for the books! Sunsuri Phuket’s accommodating and helpful staff will help set up your island hopping tour or getaway by getting in touch with local tour guides and set up the entire itinerary for the trip itself.

Generally, island hopping tours can cover a wide range of destinations, but the best ones around entail taking a trip to some of the area’s best drop-off points, such as Koh Bon Island and Coral Island! Whether you’re looking to hop around to swim in the area’s distinct turquoise waters or desire to see the very best of the landscapes that can be found around the Rawai district, an island hopping tour serves as the best experience for any family!

Final words

A trip to the Rawai District can easily provide a dreamlike experience that can help your entire family spend some much-needed quality time together while treating yourselves to some of the best experiences in all of Phuket. If your bags are all packed, your tickets booked, and everyone’s excited to visit the Rawai District for summer, make the entire trip as perfect as possible by booking your stay at Sunsuri Phuket to top off your trip!