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10 Luxury Activities to Experience While in Phuket – Our Guide

Phuket is an enchanting paradise that has everything a tourist wants. Backpackers will savor the experience while keeping their expenses at a minimum, while more extravagant visitors can go on a luxurious vacation.

Here are ten luxurious activities that tourists can enjoy in this tropical haven.

1. Yachting

You can charter a yacht with a crew to sail around Phuket from companies like Wahoo Luxury Yacht Charters in Chalong Bay. All you need to do is to enjoy the experience while the chef provides your desired dishes. The yacht allows you to explore the remote islands and hidden bays around Phuket.

2. Spa Treatment

Five-star resorts in Phuket provide relaxing body treatments in a serene setting. Professional therapists can facilitate massages, salt scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. However, you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy a spa treatment. Likewise, Cheraim Spa Village is the perfect destination for pampering.

3. Thai cooking classes

People rave about Thai cuisine because of its rich flavors. Because of this, what better way to impress your friends back home than by picking up the Thai way of cooking? Blue Elephant Cooking School provides a crash course on Thai cuisine that you can take for half a day. You can also take a five-day in-depth course or book private classes in your free time. Students who enroll in their classes will receive a souvenir apron, a cooking set, and a certificate.

4. Private fishing trip

Several companies offer fishing travels that take you to the middle of the Andaman Sea. This area is home to several marine creatures, such as Tuna, Sailfish, and Black Marlin, to name a few. You will ride either a wooden boat or a traditional Thai fishing boat that already contains all the materials needed for fishing.

5. Luxury boat club party

Tourists take Phuket’s beach clubs to the next level by taking the party to the sea. Guests cruise through the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Phuket while enjoying finger foods, cocktails, and fresh fruits. Day cruises can last for up to six hours, and customers can hire someone to provide party music as well.

6. See Phuket from the air

Catch a glimpse of the clear ocean, the beautiful white coast, and the lush greens through a paraglider or a gyrocopter. You can witness this captivating point of view by either renting tandem paramotor flights or taking flying lessons from Pa Khlok Airfield at eastern Phuket.

7. Sunset cruise dinner

Couples prefer Phuket as a romantic getaway because of its stunning environment and commendable hospitality. That said, June Bahtra is a must-try for lovers because they get to watch the sunset while enjoying a five-course buffet and fine wine.

8. Play a round of golf

There are six world-class golf courses in Phuket, and all of them are accompanied by majestic ocean views. Palm trees and jungles border the well-maintained greens, and the stunning natural backdrop helps relieve the pressure after every shot. Mission Hills Golf Resort also has restaurants, spas, and accommodations that pamper you after a round of golf.

9. Visit the famous beach clubs

Phuket’s renowned beachfront clubs come alive at night, and tourists get to mingle with other travelers who flock to these exclusive areas as well. You can also relax by staying at a sun lounger while enjoying live music. Re Ka Ta Club on Kata Beach is well-known for its five-star service while providing its guests with a relaxed atmosphere.

Forget about work and other responsibilities for a while by paying attention to your health. Phuket has several health retreats for those who want to detoxify and rejuvenate their spiritual side. These wellness centers exude a tranquil mood that helps clear your mind and improve your well-being. Atmanjai Detox Yoga and Wellness is one of the more popular destinations for this exercise because of the different programs that enhance the mind, body, and soul.

A luxurious retreat in Phuket

After enjoying all these activities, you can continue your grand vacation at Sunsuri Phuket. Choose from their relaxing rooms and savor their sumptuous cuisine. Visit the Sunsuri Phuket website now to learn more about their amenities or book a reservation.

If you’re are looking for a luxury hotel in Phuket, get in touch with us to see how we can help!